Wednesday, August 16, 2006

out of my finals bubble

friends chillin'

My final papers are done and over. I finished them at midnight on Sunday, which despite my procrastination, technically was a wee bit early. Most of my weekend was spent sitting in a pile of scattered notes and a laptop. The last couple days have been a bit jumbled too- Monday I worked a full day on 2 1/2 hours of sleep and Tuesday, I worked 12 hours. Now it is Wednesday. I am rested, alive, and have finally crawled out of my pit of scattered notes.

Time to tell you what's been going on.

I have recently moved into a new house on Willy Street. I live with my old roommate and dear friend Janelle, and two girls who I had never met before named Angie and Monica- and both of them seem really wonderful. We all share a crooked white house tucked back behind Willy Street. It's the most wonderful house. You have to hold down the handle of the toilet a long time when you flush, none of the floors are anything of even, and the bathroom mirror reminds me of a funhourse (It's now fondly referred to as the "midget mirror"). It's great. I have my own little room that is green and lovely and currently has books scattered all over the floor (haven't had time to organize yet). I see trees out my bedroom window, and at night, I hear more crickets than cars.

And I love our crooked little Willy Street neighborhood- full of sunflowers, messy lawns, and organic food. Our house is a stone's throw away from our favorite coffee shop, Escape. When Janelle and I were Gorham Street girls, we ventured across East Washington regularly for a good cup of coffee. They know our names and who we are and what we're like. Now that it's basically across the street, I walk past Escape several times a day. Someone is usually outside and they wave and I wave, and it's lovely. Last night, Janelle and I stopped by "just to say hi" on our way to the Corner Store and ended up talking for nearly an hour. I really like things like that.

Another thing I like about where I live is my daily commute. I had every intention of moving closer to downtown, and while I'm not much farther east, shifting to the other side of East Washington added a good 15 minutes on my already 30 minute walk to work. Most days, that's just too much. So, I've pulled out my bike lock and ultra-cool swirly helmet(pictures to come), slipped spandex under my skirts, and switched to biking. Not only is biking heaps of fun, but I have just about the best ride in the world. I get to pedal down Willy Street, up to the Capitol, down the entire length of State...every day. It's so wonderful. If you don't know Madison, just take my word for it. It's a great ride.

Besides a new home, here are other little new things in my life:
-one new favorite brand of yogurt (yes, it's more expensive. but I figure, I save money by buying the big containers of plain stuff, anyways. it makes up for it.)
-two new bags of delicious pipe tobacco
-three new library books (Praise of Folly, and two books of Chesterton essays)
- a new great place to go out on Saturday nights- we sat outside in the twinkly night for hours over amazing appitizers, conversation, and hookah smoke.
-some great new plates and other thrift shop finds (I should take some photos of those to...)

There is quite a lot going on in my mind these days, and heaps of stories and moments to tell. But for now, I will have to be satisfied with posting these tiny tidbits of life. I hope these days are falling sweetly for you. Have a very good one.


At 24 August, 2006 22:22, Anonymous Jason Hartfield said...

This makes me wanna move to Madison! I think you know that I read your blogs and I love 'em. =]

At 25 August, 2006 14:06, Blogger Lindsey said...

Gosh, I didn't know! But thanks!!!! *grin!*

You know, you are totally welcome to visit any time!

At 25 August, 2006 23:10, Blogger Jason said...

Maybe I'll take you up on that offer! =]

P.S. I got a blog of my own and have no idea what I'm doing. Gotta love it.

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