Tuesday, July 18, 2006


warm day in the pool
self-portrait tuesday: me and summer

At 85 degrees fahrenheit (that word is so hard to spell), today was the first day of bearable temperatures since Thursday. I walked a half hour to work with my hair down with shortsleeves and only got a little sweaty (yesterday, in the coolest of cool clothes and rayon-wrapped hair, I was a veritable ball of goo by the time I made it up Bascom). I am relishing this weather- hot tea! warm rice! manageable hair!

I can't say I didn't enjoy the heat, though. I loved having an excuse to pull back my hair and wear everything breezy and cool (even if I wore it yesterday). I loved walking out of the sterile air conditioned work into the sticky soup of outdoors where my hair frizzed its way out of its wrap. I loved driving at night with the windows down and not feeling cold at all. I loved spending the afternoon with friends in the pool. I loved that steamy weather.

In these sticky days, I've been thinking a lot about God and the world. Most of these thoughts have been spurred by my Southeast Asia class. As time goes on, I'm beginning to love that course more and more and come away from it every day understanding the world and how God sees it that much deeper. It's days like that I don't mind so much going deeply in debt for my education. It's days like that when I think knowledge is very good and sweet and worth the price. When I walk out of class, I don't just feel full of brain, but also full of heart and hope; it seems when I see the world the most clearly in its pain and hurts and mess that I see hope the most assuredly and God's love the most bewilderingly.

Another surprising side-effect of this course is that I have recently found myself with a bit of a crush on the Philippines. I was so madly in love with Africa during my survery course a couple weeks ago, I thought Southeast Asia would never be able to satisfy me the way Africa did. But here I am, not even two weeks out of Africa class and already falling head-over-heels for someplace else. Girls are so fickle.

Speaking of Southeast Asia, I have a paper due tomorrow that I should be writing. I had best get back to that. I hope you have a good day. Cheers!


At 18 July, 2006 22:24, Blogger Abb-o said...

you change your mind too much. see you saturday

At 20 July, 2006 06:55, Blogger keely steger said...

I love the way you write about your experiences at school. I've been living vicariously through your posts.

At 20 July, 2006 10:54, Blogger Lindsey said...

Glad to hear it, Keely. and CONGRATULATIONS!!

At 20 July, 2006 19:11, Blogger riley said...

Two things: 1) "Sticky weather" is not pleasant. I don't mind shorts and t-shirts and the sun so much, but I've got the choice I'll take snow and sweaters and seeing my breath in the air ANY day of the week. 2) I love that you have a "crush on the Philippines." That's one of the most fun things I've ever heard.

At 20 July, 2006 22:36, Blogger Lindsey said...

Riley, I don't blame you for not liking the sticky weather. I mean, you're a boy! You can't wear billowy silk skirts or frilly breathable tank tops or paint your toe-nails. I mean, you could. But you understand. It's just, I think what I like about sticky weather is that it makes me so girly. That and it gets me eating all sorts of delicious things like grapes and jamba juice and chocolate ice cream.

You know, I really AM more of a winter girl. I've never cared too much for summer. But, I'm beginning to seriously, seriously dig it.

At 26 July, 2006 15:25, Anonymous Joy said...

I can imagine that you are having fun with South East asia. The culture and history of that area is so incredibly rich, it's mind boggling. Even I learnt somethign about that region when I took a similar class at college..

At 27 July, 2006 09:15, Blogger Lindsey said...

I'm having a lot of fun with it. The region is so interesting and you can learn so much about people and the world by studying its history. I love it. :)

At 11 August, 2006 18:55, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 17 August, 2006 00:55, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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