Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Yesterday, I wanted toast.

The first inklings began sometime near the end of my Africa class. Little thoughts of toastletts began to run through my head. By Powers in SE Asia lecture, the thoughtlets transformed into a full on daydream. I wanted to wear a great skirt and make smiley-face toast in my toaster. I dreamt of this skirt wearing and toast making. I doodled pictures of toast and toasters (with sun shining on them) in my notebook.

When I got home, I threw
the stuff in the bread machine. (clearly, you can't have toast without bread)

And this morning, I had toast. With cinnamon and sugar, no less.

I wasn't disappointed.


At 29 June, 2006 21:49, Anonymous liz y said...

So Lindsey Girman. I can't comment on your pictures cuz I'm not a memeber but I THINK I can name that place. It's taht one bridge that connects uh....crap humanities and bascom. Or wait, no....wrong bridge. The other bridge. Maybe. ONE of the bridges. Hahaha. And I think you made me crave toast as well.

At 30 June, 2006 07:40, Blogger Lindsey said...

Sweet! Glad to hear it!

And, yup. You're right. It's the humanities/bascom bridge. Good call!

At 30 June, 2006 12:27, Blogger keely steger said...

I too caught the toast craving. I went garlic style however, on a sesame seed bun, cause it's all I had. Scrumptious, nonetheless.

At 30 June, 2006 14:00, Blogger Lindsey said...

ooo...garlic! i want some more toast!


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