Friday, June 30, 2006

train of thought

my little window

I had a long morning before work in which I cleaned and organized and nibbled on coffee-soaked rusks. I ran accross all sorts of little treasures I had stashed away in a drawer and altoid tins. It made me want to find a little treasure box of sorts to put all the wonders in.

All afternoon, my fingers smelt like peanut butter. All afternoon until about 2 minutes ago when a visit to the lady's room forced me to wash my scented skin. It's kind of a shame, because those peanutbutter fingers reminded me of that wonderful peanut butter apple I had before work. It was a drippy, gooey, messy-sweet gorgeous apple. Now my skin smells like the scented soap they have in the bathroom. This particular soap reminds me of Norway, somehow. Which reminds me of last night when I was thinking about Norway. Which reminds me of the blog I was thinking about writing last night.

It was a good one.

But I think it will have to wait.

Because right now, all I feel like writing about are apples and peanutbutter fingers. And that will just have to do.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Yesterday, I wanted toast.

The first inklings began sometime near the end of my Africa class. Little thoughts of toastletts began to run through my head. By Powers in SE Asia lecture, the thoughtlets transformed into a full on daydream. I wanted to wear a great skirt and make smiley-face toast in my toaster. I dreamt of this skirt wearing and toast making. I doodled pictures of toast and toasters (with sun shining on them) in my notebook.

When I got home, I threw
the stuff in the bread machine. (clearly, you can't have toast without bread)

And this morning, I had toast. With cinnamon and sugar, no less.

I wasn't disappointed.

Monday, June 26, 2006

i was glad about you today.

journal feet

I think my favorite state of living is gratitude. And today I was grateful. As I nibbled on my raisins at work. As I walked up Bascom Hill to class. As I scribbled notes and doodled away. As I iPod-ed down State and watched the people walking by. As I saw the day turn from grey to blue.

Today I was grateful.

I was glad because I know You.

hop in the puddle

Og ég fæ blónasir
Og ég stend alltaf upp

(and I get nosebleed
and I always stand up.)

My sister blogged this and I loved it so much, I had to blog it too.

PS. Isn't Icelandic the coolest language ever?